I am currently interested is fast typing. This is the reason I created the Zemucan application, to type DB2 commands faster and without errors. I am also learning a new keyboard distribution called Dvorak that is improved to type faster. Take a look at . For more performance, I bought the TypeMatrix 2030 keyboard.

Georeferenced photos of Bogota

I bought a Sony DSC-HX5V camera with GPS, and I took the phpmyGPX project to create a portal of Georeferenced Photos of Bogota. The aim is to provide Free and Open photos to the community, in a similar way maps are open such as OpenStreetMap (osm). The objective is to have a similar system to GoogleStreetView with photos of the streets presented over a map. This is just a demo project that has to be improved, and you can help with it.

The photos are licensed with Creative Commons Share Alike v3. The portal is in my parent's home at this address: (It is not available all the time.)

I wrote about this portal in my personal Blog: