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Professional experience


  • The CNRS is the National Center of Scientific Research in France, and it is the largest governmental research organization in France.
  • The IN2P3 is the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics , and it works together with many other high energy institutes such as the CERN .
  • CC is the Computing Center of the IN2P3, and it is a Tier1-Tier2 of the CERN.
  • DB2
    • Storage: IBM DS8300 .
    • Server's processor: IBM Power 6 (P550) .
    • Server: IBM AIX .
    • Version: DB2 ESE, OLTP, embedded.
    • Size: Medium databases ~ 50 GB.
    • Clients: IBM HPSS, scripts in Perl , Python y Batch.
    • Activities:
      • DB2 migration from version 8.2 to 9.1 and from version 9.1 to 9.5.
      • Creation of tools/scripts to monitor the databases.
      • Definition of the strategy of disaster recovery.
      • Automated creation of the test environment from the production data.
  • Others
    • HPSS
      • It is HSM that currently (end 2010) stores 9 PB between tapes and discs.
      • Migration from version 5.1 to 6.2 and from version 6.2 to 7.3.
      • Scripts migration (Perl and Python).
      • Data migration from old tapes (9840 and 9940) to new tapes (T10K and T10K Sport) including the tape movement from the IBM 9310 robot to the StorageTek 8500 one.
      • Definition of new quality standards (tickets for operations, project management to control internal projects.)
    • TReqS .
      • TReqS and jTReqS
      • MySQL .
      • C++ and Java.
      • Linux.
      • Several presentations and paper submission for CHEP 2010 - Poster .
      • Frameworks: SLF4J, Logback, Maven, Apache Commons CLI, Apache Commons Collections, Apache Commons Configuration, Apache Commons Lang, Apache Commons Logging, MySQL, JNI, Maven.
  • From 20081201 to 20110415 (29 months.)
  • Lyon, France.

Internship: LIG - Adele

IT Consultings - Computec

  • IT Consultings is an IBM business partner.
  • Computec is a company that provides computational services.
  • DB2
    • Storage: SAN.
    • Server's processor: Sun Sparc.
    • Server: Sun Solaris.
    • Version: DB2 ESE, OLTP, HADR.
    • Size: Small databases ~ 10 GB.
    • Clients: PHP , Java, ODBC.
    • Activities:
      • Database definition and implementation (table per tablespaces, security schema, monitoring, physical storage distribution, memory usage, disaster recovery strategy, HADR)
      • Definition of the database administration politics (database creation, configuration and administration, procedures, data migration policy, data access privileges.)
      • Process definition on the database as part of the quality (how to make a change in production, different environments - test, preprod, prod.)
      • Design of the strategy to migrate the databases, and the migration itself from Interbase .
      • Automation of certain process of the database maintenance.
  • Others
    • Tool for data migration from Interbase to DB2 in Java, using JDBC access generically.
  • From 20060801 to 20061031, and from 20070501 to 20070831 (7 months.)
  • Bogota, Colombia.

IT Consultings - Liberty Seguros SA.

  • IT Consultings is an IBM business partner.
  • Liberty is an assurance company part of Liberty Mutual.
  • DB2
    • Storage: HP EVA .
    • Server's processor: Itanium 2.
    • OS server: Windows 2003 Server.
    • Description: DB2 ESE, data warehouse, OLAP.
    • Size: 1.5 TB.
    • Clients: BusinessObject , ODBC.
    • Activities:
      • Administration and tuning of the Data Warehouse.
      • Increase the database availability and reduce the downtimes.
      • Data migration from old servers to new servers.
      • Creation of a security plan (users, permissions, etc.)
      • New physical storage hierarchy (data migration from disk without RAID to mirrored disks.)
      • Maintenance plan (runstats, reorg, backups) and design of the disaster recovery strategy.
      • Process automation (maintenance, data migration.)
      • Table inventory (delete of old data.)
      • Documentation of the process already established in the database (user creation, export data.)
        • Fixpacks installation.
  • Others
    • Database administration of Microsoft SQL Server databases.
    • Tool for data migration from Oracle to DB2 in Java .
  • From 20051101 to 20060731 (9 months.)
  • Bogota, Colombia.

IT Consultings - Carulla

  • IT Consultings is an IBM business parter.
  • Carulla is a department store.
  • Design of the application for the call center of Domicilios Carulla, a big-box store. The application was developed in WebSphere Studio v5.0 using WebSphere Application Server.

    Design and conception of the whole process of home-deliverance service (creation of the list of groceries by phone (client) and web (call center), product picking in the closest store, billing, and deliverance) monitoring each step.

  • Focus on performance because of the variety of products.
  • J2EE .
  • Others:
  • From 20050601 to 20051031 (5 months.)
  • Bogota, Colombia.
  • Domicilios Carulla .


I usually write about technical stuff in a blog, where I put the ideas that came into my head. Also, I write about DB2 stuff in my other blog.